Switching Sides

For probably a year, maybe more, I’ve been suggesting that my wife and I switch sides on the bed. She days there’s a streetlight down the road that, when the door is open, shines right on her pillow.

I tease her. I tell her, “I have a secret for sleeping with lights, I close my eyes!”

Our house is up on stilts, as you probably know. Having the door open is essential for a good breeze and cool sleeping.

Last week, she agreed to give it a try on the weekend, which now, was last weekend. Last weekend came and went, I remembered, but didn’t say anything. I could tell she wasn’t up for it.

Yesterday, she said she’d give it a try. I asked her if she was sure, and that I could tell she had doubts last weekend. I also told her that I remembered, but didn’t say anything. She thanked me for that.

So, we did, last night, I slept on her side and she slept on mine. Yes, the streetlight does shine on the pillow, but not too bad.

Now we’ll see, if she want’s to go ahead and make the switch. Switching nightstands. The big act of permacy.

On a side note, for this post, I did a search for “couple in bed”. Sheesh! Nothing realistic. All the pics were couples romantically entwined, sleeping and smiling. My wife and I sleep passed out, unconscious, covers a wreck. When we wake up we have to re-assemble the whole bed. Nothing like that on Google images!

And of course, she says I snore loudly.. Of course, we all know I don’t snore! When I sleep, I’m like a quiet little angel!

If she decides she doesn’t want to switch sides, laying there examining the streetlight from her point of view, I think I could devise a shield, attached to the hinge of the door, that would block the streetlight.

Have a great day!

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