Sunday Night at WORK!!

I’m at work, right now I am copying files from one drive to the other, so I thought I’d post a quick post.
I went diving as planned, but this time I really have to retire my old wetsuit, I was putting it on and it ripped. Here’s a pic of the rip in the side. When I was taking it off, it ripped even worse. I bought that wetsuit in 1985 when I was visiting my parents to wear in Hawaii. I never made it back to Hawaii, I accidentally ended up on the East Coast of the US for 11 years before I came here. It was a good wetsuit. If anybody finds a 3mm farmer john wetsuit with the zipper in the front, let me know! I want another!
The dive today was good, I was crinkling the bottle, my buddy said he saw a shark but I didn’t see it. The visibility wasn’t very good, and the current was going down! It was warmer deep than shallow. When we got near the surface, we could look up and see it was raining really hard. In this underwater pic of my dive buddy swimming up to the boat, maybe you can tell it’s raining. There’s another boat tied up behind ours, you can barely see it. It’s my buddys friends boat.
Here’s the same boat, following us back, you can tell it’s raining in this one.

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  1. Well, wet suits will die eventually. I’m impressed it lasted that long, you must take really good care of your stuff.One day I’ll have to join you down there for a few dives. That low visibility water is still better than what I get in the lakes here. Although if I do, I’d probably never be able to stand the local lake diving…

  2. It was me and the wetsuit that ended up on the east coast, unintentionally! long story. And yes it was nicer underwater than above. Warmer too!This wetsuit has died before, first it got holes in the knees and I patched them, then the patches ripped out and I made it a shortie. This time it looks pretty final…This wetsuit didn’t have constant use the whole time, but yes, I do take care of my stuff.I think it would be coool if someone from bloggerword came down for a visit.That’s not me in the pic! I took the pic!I have a black lid, not a yellow one! I am waaaay cooler that that guy in the pic! ha ha!

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