Sunday Night Astronomy

Sunday night the moon was very close to a planet, Venus, I think. I took the above pics with my phone. The first is no zoom, the second, maximum. In the zoomed-in pic, you can see the man-in-the-moons nose and it looks like he’s getting reay to give somebody a kiss. I asked my wife to take the same pics with her new phone, which is supposed to have a very good camera, but they looked about the same.

I didn’t run this morning, my foot was a little swollen last night. Think I did something to it at the beach yesterday, more than I think I hurt it running. It’s alright this morning.

Have a great day!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Night Astronomy

  1. Wow awesome photos from a phone! I don’t think I’ve EVER seen the man in the moon in REAL LIFE before! I really thought it was just cartoon illustrations that depicted that! Really! We had two planets shining VERY brightly in the sky last night… not usual either. I don’t know what planets they were though… I’m not very clever like that. *smiles*

  2. If you have a phone with all the GPS features you can download an app that you point at the sky and it tells you what all the planets and stars names are.

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