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Here is the new sea swim schedule, we missed a couple of swims due to bad weather, Next is September 17, I expect to see you all here. C’mon! 800 meters! half mile! It’s easy! You don’t even need to train!! Please don’t kick my ass too bad!
Look what’s next though! 1 October. . .

Yesterday I gave advice to Anduin about her cat. Last night my dog woke me up with his frantic grunting and I told him to go lay down. This morning I woke up to a puddle of pee on the kitchen. I’m suposed to learn a lesson here I think. Anduin, if you’re reading this, forget what I said before, do whatever your cat wants you to do whenever he wants you to do it.

I am totally loaded up and ready to go diving. Tomorrow I’m diving with the Biologist Girl. Today is with my regular on-island dive buddy. I feel like I haven’t been diving in a long time. This morning I was putting my bailout bottles in the car and found my 75% O2 was empty. Leaked out apparently. Weird, because it’s happened before and I blamed the regulator, which I replaced. It doesn’t make bubbles underwater, so I don’t know how it could be leaking.
I grabbed my backup bailout bottle, 80% instead of 75%, but OK for bailout!

Redundancy baby! redundancy!

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  1. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 it’s very true what you said in regards to one describing a sunset/sunrise… i agree whole heartedly that we should listen to our pets and do as they ask 🙂 they are so faithful to us…

  2. Hey Mark D! I’m sitting here in front of my computer in Pennsylvania and seething with envy! The swim sounds like lots of fun and so does the turtle stuff you are doing. That’s a great thing!

  3. Yikes, Ditto was trying to tell you something very important. Gotta pee!!!Too bad about that though. I hope you didn’t give him a hard time about it. That’s mostly why I get up with the cat, just to make sure his door to the balcony is open so he can go too.

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