Stonewall Beach

Yesterday, after my dive, I went exploring. I found the Geocache I was after yesterday . . . . .

I found the TREASURE!
The actual cache
. . . . and an excellent beach up on the north side of the island.

The path to the beach

The east end of the beach (Why didn’t I take a pic of the west end? I dunno!)
An abandoned staircase that led up to a dead end and a bramble of sea grape trees.
(Through the sea grape trees requires further exploration)

It was a good day. Now I’m getting ready for work and I found that someone has broken my passenger window of my car and rifled through everything. I called the police this time. Apparently nothing is missing, my scuba tanks, wsetsuit and XM Radio are all still there. Waiting for the fingerprint technician now…

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  1. I’m not understanding the whole treasure/cache thing… Now if it were cash, I’d be more interested in searching for it… That stuff looks like items I find under my sofa cushions… Congrats on finding.. (I think).

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