Starting At The Finish

I would love to sail solo around the world in my own sailboat. However, I do not want to sign up for sailing lessons and putter around on a Hobie cat, learning how to sail. I don’t want to go out on dates, looking for a girlfriend like some high school kid. I want to already be established in a year’s long, happy, marriage.

This flawed logic of wanting something,, and imagining having it, without doing the work is defective thinking.

those guys on the Titan sub that imploded on its way to the Titanic, were engaged in this same flawed thinking. They could have dived shallower wrecks, they wanted to do one dive and that was the ultimate dive for the most advanced Submariner to ever make. They wanted to start at the finish. It cost them their lives. Same as if I just bought a sailboat and tried to sail around the world without sailing lessons, it would possibly cost me my life. (If I could even get it out of port!)

how much time do I waste, wishing for things I am not willing to work for? There are probably several examples in my life that I’m not even aware of.

Food for thought.

One thought on “Starting At The Finish

  1. Yes, definitely food for thought. I’ve often wondered what my life would have been if I hadn’t taken the risk to meet the guy who was a friend of a friend. This guy and I had communicated from one continent to another for several months after he saw friend’s pictures on my web site. We had each consulted with mutual friends to find out about the other, and each of us was curious…. Finally at Christmas he invited me to cruise with him. I flew off solo to meet him on a ship where he was a senior officer. RHIP – Rank Has Its Privileges, but I’m from Ohio, so booked my own cabin. I felt safe on the ship as I had cruised with this company before to attend tax seminars at sea with my professional organization.

    Jump to the end of the story: We’ll soon celebrate 25 years of marriage after sailing around the world on the world’s largest cruise ships together for twenty years. We are now retired. Could I have stayed at home and put money in the bank that I couldn’t ever take with me? Sure, but we could never go back and make all those wonderful memories together again.

    So, my suggestion: Take the risks. Enjoy the adventures. It’s all over way too soon!

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