Spam Magnet

I’ve noticed my post from April 3rd, “Proper Post” has been getting 3 or four spam messages each day.


Wonder what it is about that particular post that attracts spammers? I must gave gotten a dozen comments, a lot from Youtube videos, apparently. Of course, they don’t make it to the site, my spam potectiongets them and I delete them.

I thought it was Thursday night last night. Even whan I realized it was Wednesday, I couldn’t shake that Thursday feeling. Now, that it actually is Thursday, I’m going to feel like I’m doing it all over again.

I am again mildly focused on my disenchantment with wearther apps. I was getting to delete them all, but then my go-to app was wrong yesterday. Said it was going to rain and it didn’t! My go-to weather isn’t an app, it’s a website: HERE. I was sooo disappointed.

Time to go, scooter today, I’m not even checking the weather!

Have a great day!

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