So Happens It's Tuesday

Its Tuesday, got the week more than 20% knocked out. Looking forward to a beach lunch and an afternoon swim. The first half mile swim of the season is this Saturday and I plan on being there!

Last night I didn’t sleep worth a dang. I got up about 1AM and went outside and laid down and looked at the stars for a while, then I went back to bed. Still couldn’t sleep, so I got back up with my pillow and blanket and went out again and laid there looking for shooting stars. I saw about 3. Then I went back to bed around #am and was sleeping good when the alarm went off. Two snooze buttons and I was running a little late this morning, but here I am.

Here’s a couple pics from my lunchtime beach walk yesterday.

Jet Ski rental station, usually pulled up to shore
Beach View

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  1. Love the cruise ship in the background. Does the jet ski rental place always float out in the ocean? Just 2 more days and I too will be having fun in the sun. Florida to be exact. I can hardly wait. Wish it was the Caymans!

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