So Happens It's Tuesday

Yesterday I dropped off my car for some repairs and an annual inspection. Hope they go easy on me, money-wise. I drove it there and walked home, on the way back I took some pics:

The house from the back road, down the path. This is a short-cut everybody uses
A giraffe

Yesterday afternoon The Wife and I went to the beach. I did quite a long snorkel, I swam way out there! I took some pictures, nothing spectacular.

A school of happy fish. That’s what I call them, they’re always smiling!
Just some Elkhorn coral

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  1. I can't believe you can just jump in the sea and see that sort of marine life so easily!Here there is nothing to see so close to shore. NOTHING at all!Sad that is. YOu are very lucky to live in such a neat place with such neat underwater life.Oh… that cow is adorable, I loves cows.

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