So far… good! It’s Tuesday, and Monday was OK. I’ll be busy today, trying to get a bent satellite dish to work. I took all the mashed up parts off and have just the round dish. It is a little bent and I’ll see if I can get any signal on it. I got some un-bent parts off of a dish that was damaged in hurricane Ivan.
I didn’t dive yesterday, my buddies were unavailable. Perhaps today..
I’m restless and discontented about something else too. I thought The OI girlwas perfect. She’s everything I ever wanted. She’s pretty, she likes the outdoors, she likes the beach and diving. We have the same opinions and interests. But something isn’t right. There’s no spark, no flame. When we were on vacation, there were times we were both quiet, nothing to say. To me it was OK, I don’t think we need to chatter all the time. But it bothered her. Now, since it bothered her, I’ve been seeing things in a different light and it bothers me. I used to say “the brightest flame burns out first” and thought that it was a good sign that we would make it, but now I don’t know.
I promised myself, “No long distance relationships” and now what am I doing? I make a rule and then make an exception to the rule.
I don’t want to hurt the OI girl. I really don’t. I can’t exactly identify what is wrong.
Someone once told me that
a couple doesn’t need to have the same interests. She also said that every relationship I get into will be a disaster untill I find the right person. I think she may be right.

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  1. I’ve been married for 21 years, to the same man, ha ha. We were friends before we were lovers. We have always had a passionate spark but we have also had a wonderful friendship and I think that got us through hard times. No relationshop is perfect they all require lots of work. It is a matter of deciding to make it work. Your heart will lead you in the right direction.

  2. Hopefully your drive to work didn’t involve obnoxious bus drivers! Relationships-they totally lift us up and have the ability to totally crush us. There’s no easy answers. At least I’ve not been able to find the answers!

  3. I’m like Candy, G-man and I were friends first and then a year later we became more than that. I think you have to have that spark though. G-man and I have been married 10 years now and we still have that flame and spark. It hasn’t burned out yet and I hope it never does. When I look at him my heart still jumps and my pulse races. I hope it will always be that way. I never thought it possible until he came along.

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