Slowing Down With Age

I guess I’m about ready for a new tablet. My S3 has been giving indications of slowing down with age.

Back to work Monday. It was a good, largely boring weekend. I pressure washed the new concrete near the driveway, and I’ll paint it this week.

I need a bag of cement, and some 3/4 inch PVC pipe. I’ll be glad when the “non critical” stores open up again. There was talk of some countries loosening up and leaning back towards normal.

It seems odd to me now, used to be, I’d pop into the store for one item. Maybe I need batteries or Q-Tips, something forgotten on the grocery list. Going to the hardware store for one screw, 12 cents. Those days seem like a long time ago. now, going to the store is a major event. Set the alarm, mask and gloves, get there when they open, show your ID. Don’t forget anything ’cause there’s no going back. Everything’s a major event now.

I hope thinks go back to “normal” and I hope “normaal” is the same “normal” that it was before.

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