Slept Late

I slept late

I woke up at 2:30, back to bed at 5, laid there wide awake, not tired.
Then I woke up at eight with a note from The Wife which said, among other things, that I was snoring!
Nah, I don’t snore!

Here it is raining, been raining for days. This is what happens at the end of hurricane season, then it moves away and becomes a tropical storm.

I don’t have anything to post about. I’m working on my second cup of coffee, which isn’t too good, I’ll be glad when this particular bag is gone.

Below is a picture of our 6 feral cats enjoying a late afternoon meal, from left to right is: Leroy, BTK, Al, Little One, Goldie and Shadow. Only Goldie and Shadow let us pet them.

Leroy is the one we thought got hit by a car, but it wasn’t him.

3 thoughts on “Slept Late

  1. Dude…first and foremost, that's the wife? Scha-WING! I wouldn't be sleeping late.I also have those days. Just nothing to say really, just soaking it in. so I can understand that….

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