Sleepy Saturday

I have said a million times on this blog, I am a poor sleeper. Last night was a big one. I woke up at midnight, and it was almost Four AM before I lost track of time again. Maybe I’m not a poor sleeper, maybe I just don’t need much sleep.
Today The Wife is going to a flea market with the sis in law and her Mom, and I am going to study and mow the lawn.
That’s the plan now, plans change, I offer no warranty or guarantee that I will mow or study or either.

0 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. I sleep like a log about 98% of the time. Bob on the otherhand is like you, he has trouble sleeping.Not good when he has to be up and at work by 8 am work hard all day and be home at 6…I feel for him…as for the grass…it'll be there tomorrow…the studying…well, that's a different story…hit the books!!….debbie, Cooper Pooper's to be Mom! lol

  2. I've given up on sleep. its highly over rated. wish my grass was green so i could cut it love the smell of fresh cut grass. weather here cant make up its mind. one day freezing the need tshirts grrrrr

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