Skylar Mack – Jackass Of The YEAR

This ‘person’ comes here for her boyfriends event, maliciously intending to violate her quarantine and endanger countless others. She came for the event, less that two weeks before the event. She knew she wouldn’t have time to do her two weeks quarantine, hence the proof of malice.

Now she’s in a lockdown quarantine facility, her boyfriend is in jail and everyone she came in contact with has to be tracked down and spend two weeks in quarantine and be tested for covid. Including an infant she was holding.

Read the article HERE.

Again, the few ruin things for the many. You treat people like adults, and it works fine till one asshole screws it up for everyone else. Like the 911 bombers who took most of the joy out of air travel. Yep, Skylar Mack is exactly the same type of person as a 911 terrorist.

4 thoughts on “Skylar Mack – Jackass Of The YEAR

    • Why do you say ‘911 bombers’? The official ‘narrative’ doesn’t include any bombers, just hijackers with box cutters. Or are you referring to the Mossad operatives who detonated the charges that actually brought down the buildings? Do you even have a clue who the “911 terrorists” really are? Do you have a clue who the Covid19 terrorists really are? Your fear of this disease, and this young lady, are greater threats to humanity than anything this girl has done. Quarantining healthy people will never stop any virus or any other disease, for that matter. Okay, I’m done ranting, so you can stick your head back in the sand.

      • They kind of used the planes as bombs, but good point. Like pointing out a typo.
        And your comment comes a year after the event. Views change in a year. Hindsight is 20/20. Containment and elimination of covid before it could spread was the objective at the time.

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