Skydiver Falls From 13.6 Miles

Felix Baumgartner aims to break 52-year-old record. Baumgartner lifted off Thursday for a test jump from Roswell, N.M., aboard a 100-foot helium balloon. He rode inside a pressurized capsule to 71,581 feet — 13.6 miles — and then jumped. He’s aiming for nearly 23 miles this summer.
Felix on the left, and Joe Kittinger on the right. Joe holds holds the skydive record now, 19 miles.

In the Capsule

There’s a video that shows them releasing the giant helium balloon HERE.

“The view is amazing, way better than I thought,”

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  1. My philosophy is: never do anything that will result in CERTAIN DEATH if it goes wrong.So clearly I would never do this!Could they not find better ways to spend money?Cancer research?or similar.

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