Sick Sheba

Sheba hasn’t been eating properly for several months. She seemed fine and we just thought she was being finicky. We changed foods, and she ate for a while, then got finicky again.

When we were gone to Costa Rica, she pretty much quit eating entirely. The housesitters told us she wasn’t eating.

When we got home, she wasn’t eating at all. Wife made her chicken and rice but she barely touched it, and she definitely didn’t feel good. She was obviously weak and didn’t look good. Pain was in her face, and her ears were trembling.

The day after we got home she vomited blood. A lot of blood. Now she’s in the hospital, undergoing tests. I think it’s the damn pills she was taking for her hips. The same vet gave Ditto the same pills for his hips and he started puking blood (and pooping blood) almost immediately.

Today we’ll find out what the (different) vet says.

Gonna see if I can get the scooter started this morning. Traffic was bad coming home yesterday. Super bad.

Have a great day!

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