Sick Day #1

I’m taking a sick day today. I have a sore throat. It feels like there’s a can opener lodged there. The pointy end.

This is my first sick day this year.

The pointy end is in my throat, causing a sore throat.

Funny how people visualize what a sore throat looks like, or imagine the object that is causing their pain.

Yesterday, I had to re-prop one of my banana plants that originally fell over in the windstorm. It re-fell over so I had to re-prop it. I had to make more banana props because of the massive falling-over. Usually just the plant with bananas needs propping and I had a nice prop made from PVC tube. But I made the emergency props out of wood, and they seem to be much better. I thought the PVC was good, because it was flexible and looked cool, curvingly holding up the banana plants. But the rigid wood seems more basic, less high tech, stout simple and strong.

Cloudy here today. I’ll be napping.

Have a restful day.

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