Shortest Weekend Ever

Actually, as per my previous post, I’m sure the weekend was precisely the same size as all the others, but it seemed very short.

Saturday, I made a plant stand. It came out ok, but one cut was a little crooked. No one can tell but me. Then we went out shopping and had lunch out. Seems like I can’t remember much of Saturday.


Sunday, I was volunteer photographer for a 5k walk/run. I got up at 4:45 and was at the beach at 6. Then I stayed at the beach till 11, came home and we had breakfast for lunch. Then I started making a bench for upstairs. I’m almost done painting it. Plus the Redskins won! Also, our friends Kelly & Hamish went to the Seahawks game. The Seahawks kicked butt and I bet it was a super fun game to be at.Sunday felt like Saturday to me all day.


Now I’m ready for work, posting my post and trying to make the scooter/car decision..


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