Short weekend

The weekend was too short. It was only one day long. Yesterday was Saturday I don’t know what happened to Sunday.
I mention that on Friday I found out I need to take 7 days vacation before the end of the year? Hooo rah!! I’m glad I have to take vacation and stay on the island and go to the beach, and go diving. I just have to strategically plan this time to take said 7 days.
Apologies to all. Have been bad about commenting on blogs lately. I will try to do better in the future. I promise.
And that’s all for today a cup of coffee is calling my name.

5 thoughts on “Short weekend

  1. Well, I am back to work and it is a welcomed sight. I just can’t sit around lounging…not my thing. I always have to be doing something.

    I am glad you get a chance to vacation again on the Island with time off. This means we get to see cool underwater pics again.

  2. My husband has about 15 weeks holiday time stacked up, and virtually no way to take it all. He’s taking 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year. But we can’t afford to go away, so a ‘stay-cation’ for us.
    At least you live on a gorgeous island, have a boat and can go diving… ya lucky bugger.

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