Short Fuse

The OI Girl got here yesterday. That is great! I didn’t get much sleep last night, that also is not bad.


bad mood

Months ago I terminated my phone service with Digicel. They owe me $84. On the phone they said they were sending me a check. Last month then sent a statement that said -84 dollars. I tried to call all the Digicel numbers I had and all were out of service. Yesterday they sent me another statement, saying my balance was -$84 then they charged me 69 dollars for (I kid you not) “One time recurring charge”. Now they say my balance is about -$15.
Need I point out that if a charge is “one time”, it is not recurring. If it is “recurring” it is not a one time charge. They are trying to whittle the money they owe me down to nothing. Obvious ripoff.
“One time recurring charge” HA! So I have to call them today. If their numbers are still disconnected, I’m going down there. I am not in a good mood, plus I’m tired plus I have a cold.

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  1. I hate it when the phone companies mess with my money. It’s funny you mention that. I have to call some company called ebillit today because they have been cramming my phone bill for $30.90 for the past 5 months. It’s not the first time it’s happened. Good luck on your venture with Digicel.

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