Short but good

I worked Saturday, but it was fairly pleasant. We had a broadcast from East End and we took the long way back around when we were done. So we had a pretty nice island tour and it was OK
But Sunday seemed like Saturday and I’m ready for another day off.
Yesterday the OI Girl and I went to the beach and I didn’t wear a hat and my head is red and I have a sunburnt nose. Then in the evening it got cloucy and really cold, so cold it was warmer in the apartment than outside and we opened the windows and there was a good cool breeze blowing though. And it rained. I was out walking the dog and it started raining and I was pretty far from home and it was COLD! We ran back and got pretty wet. How come you can take a dog swimming and give him a rinse 0ff (with no soap) after the beach and he smells fine, but a dog that gets wet from rain smells like a wet dog?

Today is theOI girls first day at work. I’m pretty sure she’ll like her new job. I frikkin hope so!

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