Below are shipwrecks we’ve seen in the past two days, here in Puerto Viejo

This looks like it was a raw material carrier, on the front is a built in hydraulic shovel. It is visible from Google Maps.

If you look for Playa Manzanillo on Google Earth, you can find it.

This is a poor ‘ol sailboat that looks like it hasn’t been there too long.

This barge has a tree growing out of it. If you search Puerto Viejo images, you’ll see pics of this. This barge was here when my wife was last here, 20 years ago.

Today we leave the rainforest and head back to Alejuela. in 100 hours, we’ll be home in Cayman.

The rainforest has been nice. I am one who doesn’t really like rain, but here, it has been very pleasant. I can’t put my finger on the quality that makes it nice, but it is. Maybe because when it rains, it really rains, none of this drizzle, not-really-raining, you don’t need a raincoat, but the day is ruined, type rain that is so common. I was thinking, I wish it rained really hard every night in Cayman like it does here, and was sunny in the days.

Have a great day!

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