Ships from my roof

Cruise ship in the pix above, Cargo ship in the pix below

I’ve been seeing a lot of ships from my roof, I like to think that none can get by without me seeing them, but the truth is that I don’t go up there that much. The other day, I saw my first Cruise ship on the North side of Grand Cayman. I can see them from the roof when they are in town, but they never pass North, usually along the South side of the island coming from Jamaica, or from the West from I-don’t-know-where. Cargo ships are not rare, but this is the first ever cruise ship I’ve seen to the north. The cargo ship is almost exactly to the north, heading west, and the cruise ship is Northeast, heading east. The ship in the pic if you click the link above is way south, in town.

Most cruise ships are frikkin’ HUGE! Bigger than an Aircraft Carrier. (Ive never seen an aircraft carrier from my roof… YET!)

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  1. Beautiful pictures, I can almost feel the warmth( especially since today our high is 7F with windchills of -20 to -30F below, Brrrrr….) Really we're not cold, the house is toasty and the animals all have plenty of feed and shelter and it's only supposed to last until Sat.I'd love to someday take a cruise, but with all the illness they have on board, I'd worry.Blessings and thanks for sharing a piece of your world,Kelle

  2. Wheb you compair the house roof on the left to the ship, the ship looks just HUGE!!!! Is that a concrete pad of the new house that we see thru the bushes? Wretched house. Hope it's one story!! Enjoyed your prettty views! Can't imagine why you don't use your patio up there! What a great space. Just need a big umbrella so I can sit out there and watch the ships pass by….debbie

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