Today i was doing my daily Duolingo. There are parts where the student speaks out loud.. I was thinking, that if i was not in the house alone, i would be self conscious about talking out loud like i do?

Then i started thinking about how I would behave differently if someone else was around. Would I change a lot? Not that much? I’m not sure. To this day, I still pretend the wife is here when I get up in the mornings i keep the room dark and keep the dogs quiet like I did when she was sleeping there. Hopefully there will be someone else sleeping there some day.

So what is normal? If i get to a place where I like myself, then in a relationship, can’t be the me I like, what good is that? On the other hand, interaction requires change and adaptation. I can’t be inflexible.

In the past I think (a little bit) I have lost myself, trying to be the person i think the other person wants me to be. That ain’t no good. But maybe a little is good?

This is something for me to think about, and I have no idea what this is like for other people.

What say you?

2 thoughts on “Shame?

  1. Ooo! Ooo! I know the answer to this one! The amount of authenticity you allow to come through is directly proportional to the amount of intimacy you will experience!

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