Shame Shame Shame

How about the American woman dying after spending over 24 hours in a hospital emergency room unattended?
That would never happen anywhere else in the world.
This is an embarrassment to the USA. Is this what democracy brings? Is this what Capitalism brings?
What do people in countries like Iraq and Iran think when they see this? Do you think this makes them want to be like the USA? NO! It makes USA’s enemies fight harder. Incidents like this have lasting repercussions all around the world. The staff at this hospital will be responsible for more US troop death. The US tells their kids stories of ‘dictators’ in other countries killing people, the so called dictators countries tell their kids stories like this lady dying in the Emergency Room in the US.
The US should bring all those troops home and use them to get the US squared away. Put a few machine gun guys in that Emergency Room, to make sure they do their job! The US is just as bad as any third world country. worse in some ways.
This lady could not have died without even being looked at in any other country in the world. It could only happen in the Good ‘Ol USA.

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  1. hey if you want to get a real birds-eye view of life in the US, just visit any Walmart, it ain’t pretty!!!i’m sure most of us would love to be on an island somewhere, i just thank God for the lake in my backyard……:)

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