Searching For A Topic

Monday here. Hopefully I’ll  get my car or scooter back this week, no more carpooling with the wife, making me late and her early.

I’ve been looking for a topic for today, In the news, a dam spillway is expected to fail in Norhtern California, many thousands have been exacuated. Read it HERE.

And the benefits of eating more ginger, HERE is the article.

Also a girl in Italy who sent a sex video to some friends comitted suicide, her friends shared it and shared it, and there were T shirts with the girls picture on it and it went quite viral. It’s a pity, I think sex should be fun, uninhibited and playful, not something taboo like in so many societies. HERE.

It was a pretty nice weekend, Saturday we went to a party which was very nice. I left the party and went to a CIMRA meeting (Cayman Islands Motorcycle Riders Association) for a couple of hours and then went back to the party. I dont think I was even missed.

Sunday, I went and rode my bicycle to the beach. It was pretty windy at the beach I went to and I didn’t swim, but riding was nice.

AND now it’s Monday. Bah humbug! Have a good week!

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