Sea Pearl, Sailors Eyeball

In my hand, I hold a Sea Pearl, one of the largest single cell organims in the world. I picked it up on the beach yesterday.

The Sea Pearl is a Green Algae and known elsewhere as “Sailor’s Eyeball”. The Sea Pearl is one of the largest unicellular, or single cell organisms, in the world.  The Sea Pearls are usually found as solitary organisms, or in small groups, attaching themselves by thin filaments to subsurfaces, or are found free floating.

I’ve seen them around a lot, but never knew, of asked wht they were , till yesterday.

I doubt I ever get my scooter and mower back.

One thought on “Sea Pearl, Sailors Eyeball

  1. Mark, you’re on an island. It really stinks to lose them, but don’t police try to find stolen property? The scooter was registered, I’m guessing. Unless it goes off-island, shouldn’t it be found?

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