Scum Of The Earth, Apparently

Next month I’m going to visit my mom for the weekend. I bought my ticket off of Travelocity. Now, apparently, to the airlines, I’m the scum of the earth, or at very best, a third (or lower) class traveller.

I didn’t get assigned a seat, so I went over the the airlines web page, and found out that with my ticket, I don’t ever get to pick my seat, and I can’t even use the overhead bin!

I just wanted a normal ticket, not a lower-than-I-knew-existed class ticket. At no time did I check a checkbox marked “No Class”, or “flies strapped underneath the plane class”.

I’m already dreading this flight.

Usually I use American Express Travel, and I will only use American Express Travel from now on.

As soon as I post this post, I’m headed to the Travelocity website and complaining. I didn’t do anything to feel like I’m being treated like crap.

Had a good walk this morning, thought about trying a little running, but didn’t. My foot hurts, but not where it was broken. I decided that I’ll wait the till the full six weeks is done before I start running again.

Here, looks like rain, weatherman says 40%. I have a new umbrella, it won’t rain.

Happy Independence Day, USA! Normal workday here.

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Scum Of The Earth, Apparently

    • That’s exactly my point, I didn’t go looking for a cheap ticket, I just went and bought a ticket. No reason to give me the worst ticket in the world!

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