My new tablet lets me write on the screen. I want to figure out how it can turn my writing into text. It seems I was doing it the first day I got the tablet, but I haven’t been able to do it since.

We haven’t had much of the forecasted rain, a little, not much. Yesterday, I went to the beach for lunchtime and it was sunny. There was fresh seaweed washed ashore and I got a big bag of it for my banana plants. Good fertilizer.

That’s my banana plants, see the bananas on the left? They’re almost ready!!! Also, that’s the first picture I took with my tablet camera. But I had to shrink it to make WordPress accept it.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Screenwriting

  1. How very cool! I know a screen writer! 😉 Seriously, I have a great time with all the things our computers, phones, tables, laptops can do now. The only problem was the most recent cruise. As soon as I got on board the laptop gave me the dreaded message: hardware failure. Fortunately, I had my smart phone with me. It’s very smart and does just about everything.

    Sadly, I am sure a banana plant would never survive in Ohio…. *sigh*

    Happy Thursday!

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