Scool Day 2

Getting ready for scool day 2. Yeah. Scool.

Yesterday was good.  We voted to start an hour earlier (8 instead of 9) amd get off earlier.

Last night I went to Tacp Bell for a late night snack. There were employees out front, and and they said that the walk in was closed. I asked if I could walk through the drive through.  One girl got on her headset radio and then told me I could go ahead. She they had to make sure I didn’t get run over. I went around the side and the window girl made a big show of stopping the line of cars and took my order. Then she told me to wait “over there”. Really nice girl, chatting with the customers in their cars and smiling. Took me back to high school days, girl like that, working a part time job. Then she made a big production of stopping the cars again and waved me over and gave me my order. I gave her a $5 tip. That made her day. She said “really?” I said “yeah, thanks” As I walked away I heard her calling “Hey guys! I just got a $5 tip!” Her reaction made me feel good.
Here’s a pic from yesterday. Satellite dishes at my school.


Have a good ‘un!

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