Saved by green iguanas

This morning I went for another run and swim. I used swim every morning for my first several years on the island. I think I may be hooked on it again. Today it was cool because the moon was full (or almost full) and getting ready to go down. It was about “one fist” away from the horizion. (If you hold your arm straight out, and make a fist and close one eye, the sun (or moon or stars) will move about “one fist” an hour. So if you can just fit your clenched fist between the sun and the horizion, the sun will set in about an hour.
Yesterday, for my split shift lunch, I went to my secret beach. I went for a snorkel and took some pics, but didn’t really get any good ones, but when I got out, there were two green iguanas on the beach. They posed for me and made it worth it

In yesterdays post I said that the afternoon showers had quit, well, it was raining in town so for lunch I drove far, far away to where it wasn’t raining. It got cloudy but I missed the rain.
Today I’m just playing it by ear.

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