Saturday Sun

It’s a nice day, with full bright sun. I’ve been up since before dawn, dividing and replanting a cactus that was overgrowing out of it’s pot. I planted two groups in the yard in two different places, gave away cactus in a pot to three people who were just walking by, and re-planted a tiny clump in it’s original pot that it came out of. Plus half a dozen singles that will be replanted in a week or so.

Today I’m working and studying and hopefully some beach. Tomorrow I MUST dive. I must.

PS: I have a wonderful huge zit growing on my face. Like a second nose. I can’t wait to pop it and squirt pus all over the mirror!

0 thoughts on “Saturday Sun

  1. You nasty bastard…I could have done just fine without the graphic image of the zit. :/!Hope you get to dive tomorrow. Is school getting any easier? It’s obviously keeping you busy.

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