Saturday Morning




I switched back my little computer from Linux back to windows.It was a major hassle, as there were major issues with “validating” the software. I’d validate it, then when logging on, get a message telling me it was not validated and I must validate. click Ok, get a screen telling me it’s already validated. Click Ok, and back to the logon screen, where it tells me I must validate again… a loop. So instead of using the serial number from the sticker on the bottom of the computer, I used a number I have from an out of service computer. I had to re-install windows too. There’s something wrong when it’s easier to work around security than to be legitimate and straightforward. I couldn’t even get a human when I called Microsoft like my computer asked me to.

Walking the dogs this morning, I found a dead rat on the driveway. A gift from the cats.

This morning I’m drinking Marley Coffee. Buffalo Soldier. It’s not bad.Image

So, I need to buy some new clothes for my new job.

Washington Redskins start their season tomorrow against New Orleans! Saints are favored, GO SKINS!




4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. the skins with their newly found Heisman trophy winner, x-
    Baylor Bears spanked New Orleans ass..every one in Waco is thrilled to death..except we all are Cowboys fans and the thought of playing the skins now is not something we are looking forward too..but you have yourself one hell of a QB.

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