Sammy The Sperm Cell


…there was a sperm cell named Sammy. Sammy was a real fitness buff, always working out, running, swimming, wind sprints, calisthenics and generally spending all his time staying in shape.

Whenever any of his friends asked, Sammy always said “When the big day comes, I’m going to get there first, I want to be  the one to fertilize that egg.”

His friends laughed. “Sammy,” they said, “when the big day comes, there’s going to be hundreds of millions of racers. The odds of you being first are miniscule.”

One day, things started getting hot down there. Sammy got very excited. “This is it, I know this is it!”

All of a sudden, a loud voice boomed over the PA system:



Sammy was ecstatic, “I told you! I knew it! This is it! I’m going to be first! I’m gonna be the one to fertilize that egg!”

GET SET! Boomed the voice on the PA.


And in a flash, everybody was off, racing. Sammy pulled into the lead and away from the crowd. Pretty soon, Sammy was so far ahead, nobody could even see him anymore.

The other sperm cells started grumbling, “I guess all Sammy’s exercise and working out paid off, he’s definitely going to get there first, He’s probably going to be the one to fertilize that egg.”

All of a sudden, they see Sammy coming back, headed the other way. Soon they can hear him yelling: “GO BACK! TURN AROUND! GO BACK! IT’S A BLOW JOB!


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4 thoughts on “Sammy The Sperm Cell

  1. this is unbelievable..really back when I worked at the palm gardens in Portland, Oregon, one of the whiskey salesmen told me that joke ..we were a group of about 6 and no one laughed but me..I thought it was hysterical..and proceeded to tell that joke every chance I got for the next 45 years..but I acted it out..the swiming and pumping iron to build up his strength..took me 10 minutes to tell the one laughed..except my granddaughter Jamie..she thought it was hysterical too..I still think it’s funny and thanks for reminding me…

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