Same title, different week

Every Friday I tend to think of the same title, TGIF! But that would be unoriginal. Fridays, the day I kind of want to take it easy at work and get all rested up for the weekend, tend to be one of the busiest days. But me, ever the optimist, (insert snicker snicker here) still hope and plan for and easy day. Wish me luck.
Tomorrow there is a Sand Castle building contest. If I don’t go diving, I may go and take pictures. Last time, we broadcast from there. Imagine, if you will, what it must be like, listening to a sand castle building contest on the radio. TV maybe, but radio? I don’t think so! This is my boss’s idea of an outside broadcast. Of course, I don’t really complain too much, because I like to go to the beach. If it was on a weekday, it would be much better, because then I could go diving on Saturday. So far, my boss hasn’t said anything about this alleged broadcast, but it is anticipated, followed by a repeat of my “I need more advance notice, I have already made other plans” speech. Then I (heroically and at great personal expense, of course!) cancel my alleged plans and do the broadcast.

I didn’t dive yesterday, my buddy was working on his boat. I took my dog to the beach and went snorkeling. I took a few pics too:

A red fish, his eyes really looked like that.

A cruise ship leaving into the sunset.

Taking the jet skis home for the evening.

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