Salt Pond

Yesterday, I went out for a bike ride, I needed a CR2016 battery and wanted to try and find a place a friend discovered last week, Salt Pond in Barkers National Park.

I needed a battery because my watch/fitness tracker died, and I cannot function without a watch. I could not get a new watch or tracker because of the covid shutdown.

My old, dead wrist unit.

All my old watches had dead batteries, but I was lucky, I found the battery I needed for one at the first place I looked, a gas station. Then I went to look for Salt Pond. It was pretty easy to find, thanks to Google Earth, and a screenshot on my phone. I was surprised how nice it was. When I first got there there was a lady setting up for a wedding later in the afternoon, but she left almost as soon as I got there. Below is a video I took while there. I laid on the dock for a while and even had a little swim. Nice with all the beaches shut down.

Another thing that really struck me yesterday, was how much I enjoy riding my bicycle. I often think about riding it to work in the mornings, especially with so little traffic these days.

Yesterday was “Soft Lockdown”, you can go out to exercise for 90 minutes. Today is “Hard Lockdown”, can’t leave your yard.

Also, yesterday was our 11th wedding anniversary. We had a big steak dinner delivered and we ate on the picnic table on our back porch. Quite nice. No TV.

It’s a Sunday morning, I hardly ever post on Sundays. But here you have it. Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Salt Pond

    • Yes, it was just like seawater in the pond (although I didn’t taste it). I suspect it has tidal flow.

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