Sad News in Stapler City

This is a very old memory, stupid but true. When I was a little kid, I wanted a stapler. I remember wanting one, knowing I didn’t really need one, (I could use my Moms), but I wanted one and asked. I remember seeing the WTF?? look in her face, but she came home with a stapler for me very soon after that. I think this is 1964 or 1965.

So, I’ve had this stapler since then, I left it home when I was in the Navy, but other than that, I’ve had my stapler with me wherever I went and loved it from the moment I got it.

Now, I can’t find staples for it. I’ve been looking for staples for years. I am now running low on my last box. It’s a bad reason to need to buy a new stapler.
I have an empty staple box, and an almost empty stapler. Yesterday…. I bought a new one.
The old one cost less than two dollars, the new one cost almost twenty-five.

0 thoughts on “Sad News in Stapler City

  1. Oh Mark, that's really sad. Did you try an Office supply store or google? There HAS to be some SOMEWHERE!! I hope you'll keep your little green stapler…boo to the new one… :o( …debbie

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