Here, it is a cloudy Saturday. I have been complaining of no rain, but I guess I can stop now. We’ve had some and I’m sure we’re going to get some more. Now it’s time for me to start bitching about mowing the lawn.
I was having some weird dreams last night. As you recall, a ship was sunk here as an artificial reef, the ex-USS Kittiwake. I keep having dreams about being in the Navy on board the Kittiwake. Only she’s where she is now, on the bottom of the sea. The thing is, I can pump the ship dry on the inside, even though it’s underwater. When scuba divers come, I can flood it again.
It is not unusual for me to have dreams about dry places underwater. I have had a dream about a swimming pool with a door in the side at the bottom that I can open and go inside and it’s dry in there. The water doesn’t pour in, the boundary between the water and the air in the room is vertical instead of horizontal. It is a really cool repeat dream.

Well, this post didn’t turn out like I expected, I planned about writing about my poor, beat-up underwater camera housing. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a good Sabado!

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