Royal Palms Webcam

Hey there all you Polar Vortexers! How’s the weather?  Here’s a little something for you. Below is a picture of the Royal Palms Webcam, on Seven Mile Beach. It’s an actual picture of the camera, on the patio, Daddio!

Dec 19, 2013 cam

Royal Palms Patio Cam, circled in red.

Below is a link to the webpage that shows the images for above camera. You can have a look anytime you feel a bit chilly up there.

Also on the page you can find links to their Poolcam and Beachcam

Have a good winter! And a good FRIDAY!

4 thoughts on “Royal Palms Webcam

  1. Pretty neat. 🙂 I like watching the Port Canaveral web cam, too. In fact, we are on it right now!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m sorry I don’t get ashore as often as I would like in Grand Cayman. We have things that must be done on port days which leaves very little time for fun and games. If we get in once in ten weeks, we are very lucky.

    All the best from Port Canaveral (for another half hour or so),

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