Road Trip Weekend!

It’s finally Friday. I have some friends visiting from the USA and they’re staying at East End, all the way on the other side of the country. I live near the west coast, they’re staying on the east coast. If this was the US, it’d be the equilavent of driving from California to South Carolina. I rekkon it’ll take maybe, if there’s not much traffic, and I don’t run into any weather, assuming we have no car trouble, keeping bathroom breaks and pitstops to a minimum, I rekkon we can make it there…

oh gee.. Lemme think…. Coast to Coast.. On a Sunday… Considering all the Sunday drivers’ll be out clogging the roadways..

I’m guessing 45 minutes. Whew! road trips don’t get much longer than that around here!

On a more serious note, yesterday I forgot my tablet at home. I was lost without it. I won’t forget it today. I hope. There’s a second time for everything.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Weekend!

  1. I kept waiting for the ‘Island’ punch line. Nice job on dragging it out as far as you did. You could walk and make it seem like it’s a lot farther.

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