RIP Stripe. You Were Loved.

As many of you know, Stripe the Chick died yesterday. She had a short, bitter life. Her mother died when she was very young, and Stripe entered the foster care system with her brothers and sisters. Sunday she was  inexplicably and brutally attacked, and spent her remaining days in the intensive care unit, where she died Tuesday. Stripe was laid to rest in a small, private ceremony near the area where she was born


Stripe convalescing after the attack

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to your local Humane Society.


The cedar casket containing Stripe, lying in state, awaiting burial


Stripe in her final resting place. In Lieu of flowers, The Family requests that you please make donations to your local humane society.

Below is a video with Stripe, and her brothers and sisters. She has the brown stripe on her head, the second chick visible in the video. Stripe had a short life, but she was loved more than almost any chick ever was loved. Stripe will be missed and remembered.

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8 thoughts on “RIP Stripe. You Were Loved.

  1. RIP Stripe. LOL those cats just are not going mad for a chase and kill. Lordy we’d never would have believed it if we had not seen them just lolling around. Those kitties are sure in the zen zone. Lovely resting place for Stripe after a short and bitter life. Have a wonderful wordless Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Yes, Stripe was loved and will always be part of our family (and now our yard)… I am glad with gave those chickens a chance to survive despite their bitter beginning of life.

  3. Much too short a life for such a tiny one. I wonder if Stripe was the last chick hatched that she was smaller than the rest. She would probably have turned out a he, judging from my experience of stripes on the head. I’m sorry Stripe died, but glad the chicks landed in your yard. Hope the rest do well.

  4. Search “Chicken Eyeglasses” in Wikipedia. My father did this when some of his chickens would peck at the others ending up either pecking all their feathers off or sometimes killing them. The glasses stops them from doing that. I think I read in a past blog of yours that you had that problem.

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