Recurring Dream – Watering The Plants

I had a repeat dream last night, I’m supposed o be water some friends plants while they are away. I haven’t been watering them as much as I should have been. I go to the house to water the plants, it is tall and skinny with white vinyl siding and blue trim. gravel yard with no grass. Before I go in, I look to the neighbors on the right and their house looks familiar, Brown and rectanglar looking. Brown siding with light brown trim. I look at the neighbors on the left, and the house looks unfamiliar and weird, like I’ve never seen it before. Kind of jumble-ish loking and I can’t remember what it looked like in the dream.

I go in the house I’m supposed to go in, and as I turn around from closing the door, see two big black dogs, one seems to be a doberman, snarling at me. But as soon as I turn around, they recognize me and jump up and start licking my face.

And that’s it, Seems like I’ve had the same dream before…

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