Rebreathers are Better!

Yesterday, in the morning My Wife and I did our first rebreather dive alone together. Later that afternoon, we did another dive, open circuit (that means with tanks) with some friends who wanted to go. After the dive My Wife said, “Rebreathers are definitely better.
I knew that, but glad to know she thinks so too!!
Here’s pics from the two dives: Click to enlarge!

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  1. I have NO IDEA what rebreathers is! But I envy you the gorgeous marine life you have where you live.PEPSI is a very private blog of mine where I rant/rave and let it all out. At the moment one of our sons is in serious trouble with the law… even though he did nothing wrong (I know, we all hear this but it's true)…. so the private blog is like a diary of the awful stuff that happens in one's life…. not for public consumption. I only open this blog to family/people I know very well.

  2. Lovely shot…I liked 4th and 5th from top very much.So your new diving partner is rocking!!!Congrats!I wish to live the same life…I know it is a distance dream..still…

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