Rebelous Me

Happy May 1st! As far as I recall, the quarantine ended May 1st. I expected a press conference, extending everything and we were tuned in, waiting for the almost-daily press conference and it was cancelled.

Whenever I say I’m going to the beach today, whoever I’m telling says the beach is closed. I say “Says who?” Beach closure expired May first, who said it was extended? Nobody has been able to provide an answer.

I’m going, jail or no.

My fitness tracker died yesterday, I’m lost without a watch. The only thing I can do is go buy a cheap Timex at a drugstore that sells cheap Timex’s

Yesterday I was furious about time zones. The USA is mostly on Daylight Savings Time. But all the American websites are using the wrong abbreviation. EDT is the USA east coast in daylight savings, EST is not Daylight savings.

I complained to one website, and their response was that they were going to leave it the way it was because nobody would understand. But they changed the time on the Cayman references. Great, change the ONLYcorrect times on the website so that 100% are wrong. Another fella started putting Cayman as CST to keep stupid americans from being confused. That’s great, compound the problem by making it even more wrong. That’s why you’re a democrat, moron. Do it wong because everybody else is doing it wrong.

I was unreasonably angry yesterday about this.

Stupid Americans

How embarassing!

Glad it’s Friday!Have a good weekend.

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