Really Bad Movies!

A friend of mine likes to watch crappy movies. He goes on Netflix and finds movies with one star, and watches them. At his bidding, The Wife and I watched “Sharknado” and “Airplane VS Volcano”, two spectacularly bad movies. The Wife and I have discussed watching “Sharknado 2”, with no great enthusiasm.

I just came across this little tidbit of info on the BBC:


There will be a Sharknado 4, I didn’t even know there was a 3.

read all about it HERE.

Absolutely thrilling.

I remember “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”. It was unbelievable to me that the entire plot was recovering his stolen bicycle. I thought “Napoleon Dynamite” was so bad that it went all the way around the scale to being  good again.

Another is “Mystery Science Theater 3000”. A janitor has been blasted into space by two evil NASA employees, and to torture him, they send him really bad movies to watch with his two robots. Their aside comments are hilarious.

What are some really crappy movies you’ve watched and would recommend? Or perhaps NOT recommend?

2 thoughts on “Really Bad Movies!

  1. I watched sharknado one, and over time all of sharknado2..I watched sharknado 3 right up until the dude lost a leg, then a arm then another leg and then his last arm but still managed to creep crawl and push the button on the bomb with his chin..switched it off..I loved a movie soo much and laughed my ass off at it and every one in the world hated it …Ishtar with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beaty..check it out..the scene where they are crawling across the desert made me laugh till I cried.

  2. I have a brother-in-law that apparently enjoyed the absurdity of Sharknado and said he was waiting for #2, I guess last year. And yes, recently Sharknado 3 came out. Now you say that they are planning a number 4???? How amusing. Perhaps I will wait for them to finish making them, ya know, with number 8 or something, then several years from now I will just waste a weekend and watch all 8.

    I watch bad movies often, on Netflix or Cable or whatever. I am probably lucky in that I am most likely to turn a movie on as I turn off the lights and attempt to sleep, insomniac that I am. I have noticed that I tend to nod off if the movie is particularly awful, so it is almost like a sleeping pill or something. Thankfully, of course, that means that I generally never actually watch the whole of a bad movie, only the first 20 to 40 minutes of it. So, I guess that you could say that, for me, bad movies are good medicine! 😉

    — Willy with a whY?™

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