Ready To Switch Back

It’s a cloudy Friday, I think it’s been mostly cloudy for more than a month now.

My post the other day, about chopping my own head off seems less of a joke today. I think I’m ready to switch back to disposable razors. I cut myself about 4 times this morning. I thought I’d improve over time, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. If you cut yourself today, you’ll probably cut yourself in the same place tomorrow.

Does anybody use these old time safety razors? There was a brief flurry of activity a few months ago, and I acted on it. I remember from my past that they were easy to get nicked with, but I don’t remember it being this bad!

Anyway, I’m eating all the bananas I can, and we’ve got more coming! A new banana flower has appeared. It will probably be at least three months for the bananas to be ready though.

That big purple thing is the flower. It will turn more like a lions tail as it grows more.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Ready To Switch Back

  1. …I’ve solved that shaving problem, I don’t shave and haven’t for over 40 years. When I’m in Maui I enjoy those small bananas, they call them ‘apple bananas.

    • We have Apple Bananas here, They are the best when ripe! This type is called Bottlers. Not sure it’s spelled right but that’s how it sounds. Say it fast – bot-lers

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