When I was younger, I was pretty much constantly reading. I remember the Weekly Reader Childrens Book Club at elementary school. Every few months we’d get to order books. I remember walking in class in the morning and seeing the big box on the teachers desk, and being soooo excited!

I remember reading by flashlight under the blanket when I was supposed to be sleeping. Similarly, I remember reading in my bunk on my ship in the Navy. Books circulate the ship among the readers, shipmates give you a book, and tell you how good it was, or asking if I could read that when you were done, only to be told that they ahd to give it to so-and-so, who was supposed to give it to so-and-so, being third or fourth in line. Finally I’d get it, all worn out.

I think that as my interest in compters went up, the time I spent reading went down, to the point where I went a decade or so hardly reading at all.

Well, I’m back to continous reading! And I’m surprised I ever slowed down. Book reading is good! Right now I’m reading Stephen King, Outsider. It just turned weird. I loved Ready Player One, that might be what got me going again, I saw the movie then read the book. Both were good, the same, but totally excellently different. And now I have a long list of books lined up. And I’m excited about it!

Tuesday morning, nice looking day, gotta head out to work in a minute.

Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Awesome! I have been reading again lately, too, after losing the habit for the same reason. Yesterday I picked up The Chocolate War from my kid’s shelf. It’s a good one. I read a ton of the older Stephen King books but I haven’t read Outsider. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy to hear that you are enjoying reading again Mark.. it’s the best! I have at least six books in a pile by my bed at all times just to make sure that I never run out

  3. I’m currently reading The Last Hours on Everest about Mallory and Irvine’s Fatal Ascent. I didn’t read for awhile either but now I always have a couple books going.

  4. We are very alike in that I too was an avid book worm up until about 15 years ago. I have not read ‘a book’ as such for a very long time, except on Kindle. Maybe I will find a decent book to read and see what happens!

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