This, to me is hilarious:

Did you know, you don’t have to check the box, just press the orange ‘Publish’ button, and it posts? Usually…. Sometimes it gives you a whole bunch of pictures to pick to prove you’re not a robot…

Below is a picture for Mike. Completely off the topic of his post, but if you look, you’ll see why his post reminded me of boobs. And leave him a comment, everybody loves comments. DON’T tick the robot button tho!

Good weekend, got a lot done, getting ready to paint the roof, still have LOTS more to do.

Today I have an appointment to get the oil changed on the van, I’m putting my bike in the back to ride from the oil changing place to work. It’s cloudy and seems like rain. Hope it doesn’t rain on me.

I’m not kiddin’!

Happy April Fools Day!

4 thoughts on “RandoMonday

  1. I did laugh at the first one. I like the second one. And yeah, I quit changing my own oil years ago.

    I’m going to try the publish button first. Here’s hoping it works. Picking pictures drives me nuts.

    • The click button on your mouse only has so many clicks before it wears out. Saving mouseclicks is saving you money!

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