random pictures today

It’s Hump day, but it’s been a long week already. Yesterday I was saying to myself “It’s only Tuesday? It seems like Friday already”.

I’m just going to post some random pictures today, pictures that I didn’t even take.

Whale and woman 2013stargazingevents Catswim Dolphin Girl hula Mark about 1981 (2)The bottom one is me, about 1980 at Mare Island, California.

Have a good day!!!


6 thoughts on “random pictures today

  1. Thanks for the stargazing schedule. We can’t see the eclipse here, I don’t think. But I’m gonna google Dance Of The Planets!

  2. Yikes it is already half way through the week and where has it gone? Too much to do over here. 1980 my my does time fly? Sometimes we look back at those times with such fond memories hope you do too. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

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