Rambling Wednesday

Here we are, at hump day. When this week started, I thought it’d never end, but it’s not going too badly.

At work it is the annual flight check. An aircraft comes in with equipment to check all our equipment. It’s my first one and so far, very interesting. Except for minor adjustments, I don’t think they have found anything wrong.

Yesterday I had my scooters 3000K maintenance done. They didn’t find anything wrong there either, but I think they turned the idle down a little, and it doesn’t seem to coast as well. I have to check it more though, I haven’t ridden it much since I got it back.

I want to start swimming after work again. I used to swim every day, and kind of quit when I got the first scooter, because I didn’t have anyplace to put my laptop when I swam, now I don’t carry a laptop so it seems I can start swimming again. It would be better if I got off at 4 instead of 4:30. However, getting off at 4:30 is better than getting off at 5..

I guess I’m just rambling so that’s all for today.

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